Tap into the science of habits

Want to develop new habits that actually stick? Take advantage of the old habits with “habit stacking.” 

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Why habits are so hard to make (and break)

Many habits form unconsciously as a handy shortcut for our brain to free up some energy for more complex tasks. This means we don’t have to think about every turn of the wheel when we drive. But this also means that we sometimes mindlessly snack or scroll through the endless Facebook feed when bored.

By learning the science of habits, you can become more aware of the habits that are shaping your day-to-day life and use them to your advantage.

Tap into habit stacking

The basic idea is that the longer we engage in certain habits, the stronger they become. Habit stacking is about connecting behaviors together to create a routine.

Formula: When (current habit), I will (new habit). Example: When I drink my morning coffee, I will take my nutrition supplement.

That’s why we developed Shevolve Nutrition Daily Bites to perfectly pair with coffee or tea. Chances are you never skip your morning coffee, so why not take your lemon or chocolate bite with that to meet your nutritional needs? Check out our assessment to find the right bite for you to make nutrition easier.

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