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At Shevolve Nutrition, we believe food comes first. This means enjoying a wide variety of whole foods to nourish the body and mind. And tapping into our daily bites for certain nutrients that are notoriously difficult to get enough of from the diet alone.

Dasha Shor

Registered Dietitian and founder of
Shevolve Nutrition

  • It’s Time to Redefine How
    Women Engage with
    Nutrition Supplements

    Nutrition solutions that fit women’s daily lives and feel like self care.

    What if, instead of a bunch of pills, you could get all the essential nutrients need from a delicious health bar? That’s the line of thinking that went into Shevolve Nutrition Bites. Formulated based on insights from a professional dietitian, Shevolve Nutrition Bites leverage the latest in dietary science to provide women with a convenient one-stop solution for supplemental nutrition.

We Want
Everyone to Be
Using the M Word

Our first line of products is focused on the needs of women aged 45+. With these products, we intend to bring the discussion around menopause and healthy aging to the forefront. Our goal is to nourish women who have arrived to help them thrive and help de-stigmatize and de-medicalize conversations around the very natural shifts our bodies go through.

Created by a
Registered Dietitian
Who Wouldn’t Settle
for Supplements That
Don’t Look Like Food.

Shevolve Nutrition was founded by a nutrition expert
with a passion for empowering other women
through all stages of life. Read her story.

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As a Registered Dietitian, I’m always so surprised how people are eager to try a new nutrition supplement only to abandon it in the medicine cabinet. When my mom was going through her menopause transition, we had many conversations about the importance of proper nutrition for bone and muscle health and overall healthy aging. She would buy vitamin D and magnesium her doctor recommended, only to stop taking the pills all together after a week. She’d complain that the “horse pills”, as she would describe them, are too large, medicinal and uncomfortable to take.

As I scoured the pharmacy shelves looking for alternatives to pills for my mom, I was surprised to see that with so many nutrition supplement options on the market, none of them are actually meeting the needs of women through menopause. Some products I looked at had ingredients that don’t have much science behind them and at best would offer a placebo effect and at worst would be harmful. Other products offered science-backed solutions but called for multiple pills daily.

If you are confused about which nutritional supplements to take and wondering how to keep the supplement pills from accumulating in your medicine cabinet because you can’t bring yourself to take any of them regularly, you are not alone.

My mom and many women I’ve consulted with, told me that they like the idea of taking nutritional supplements to fill the nutrient gaps from their overall healthy eating but hate all the pills. Plus, most women don’t know what to take or not to take, and often are missing important nutrients while taking other nutrients in excess".

I set out to create a better solution for women and take the guesswork out of nutrition supplements with a science-backed, easy-to-take solution that would deliver just the right nutrients for women.

I wanted something that would be made with whole foods as a foundation and rooted in science. I challenged the food scientists to take the best from supplements and remove the rest (ie pills, capsules, fillers, unproven ingredients) to deliver the nutrients women need and nothing they don’t.

This resulted in our food-first daily bites that are validated by science, taste great and fit into women’s existing coffee or tea ritual.

We are bombarded with messages about new products to try, many of which make dubious claims not supported by science. And some healthcare professionals are still too eager to recommend additional supplements without taking the time to review the bigger picture and assess what’s in the products you are already taking. That’s why in addition to one-a-day bites, I partnered with nutrition scientists to offer a free nutrition consultation and an online assessment to help women to declutter their medicine cabinet, just like I did for my mom.

Dasha Shor

Registered Dietitian and founder of
Shevolve Nutrition

  • Dr. Julie Hess

    Nutrition Scientist

  • Dr. Elieke Kearns

    Nutrition Scientist,
    Registered Dietitian

  • Allison Koch

    Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
    Board-Certified Specialist
    in Sports Dietetics

  • Emily Rodriguez

    Nutrition Expert

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