• Scientific Insight

    The first step to improving
    whole-body health is discovering
    how our bodies work.

    Healthy Food

    When you eat the right food,
    your physical and mental
    health both reap the benefits.

  • Holistic Balance

    Balancing protein, fiber, healthy fats,
    vitamins and minerals is an essential
    component of daily eating for health
    and wellbeing.

    Sustainable Habits

    Replace crush diets, interventions,
    and trendy gimmicks with real
    nutritional habits that can be
    sustained over time.

Do You Know What’s in the
Supplements That You’re
Putting into Your Body?

For many women, the answer is no. We look at the label’s promises, see that it’s designed for women within our age bracket, and toss it in the shopping cart. When the supplement inevitably fails, we turn to another brand or another formulation. If the problem at hand is serious, we might also consult with our family doctor for a recommendation or prescription. Often, women wind up stuck in a cycle of constant supplementation with minimal results.

For years, supplementation has been synonymous with over-the-counter pills. You’ve got pills for blood pressure, pills for bone strength, pills for vitamin intake, pills for weight loss. Many of these pills do provide benefits, but still – who wants to take a handful of assorted pills each day? The problem only gets worse once you hit menopause.

Luckily, there’s a smarter way forward.

Nutritional Supplementation, Tailored to the Needs of Your Body.

What if, instead of a bunch of pills, you could get all the essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins you need from a delicious health bar?
That’s the line of thinking that went into Shevolve Nutrition Bites.
Formulated based on insights from a professional dietitian, Shevolve Nutrition Bites leverage the latest in dietary science to provide women with a convenient one-stop solution for supplemental nutrition. Take our free nutrition assessment today to discover whether Shevolve Nutrition Bites are right for you.

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  • Bone
    & Muscle Health*

    Calcium-helper nutrients like magnesium, vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 help maintain bone health. These nutrients also help keep your muscle in top shape.

    Hair, Skin & Nail

    Biotin is a B vitamin that is important for preventing hair loss,
    skin irritation, and excessive
    nail breaking.

  • Gut & Brain

    Fiber with prebiotic effects nourishes
    the good bacteria that exist naturally
    in your gut. The B vitamins have a
    role in the activity of
    neurotransmitters in the brain.

    Energy &
    Immunity Support*

    Vitamins B6 and B12 are essential
    contributors to energy metabolism
    all throughout the body. Vitamin D3
    helps support normal immune

  • "Easier than taking all of my
    supplements and appears to include
    most of my vitamin regimen. I like that
    it includes natural foods like lentils,
    dates, almonds, etc."

    - Anna, 53

  • "I really liked the flavor and the texture
    ("chew"). At first I wasn't sure how I'd feel
    about having just a bite of something, but
    was surprised that it seemed to curbed my
    appetite and I didn't feel I needed a snack
    before lunch like I normally do."

    - Mary, 51

  • "I really liked the light sweetness and
    underlying nutty flavor. I also loved
    the texture and how well the bar
    paired with coffee."

    - Roxanne, 47

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Simplify Your Nutritional Intake with Scientific Precision

Our innovative women’s health formula is dietitian-designed, backed by
science, and MD-approved but it’s not right for everyone - follow the link
below to complete your free nutrition questionnaire and see if Shevolve
Nutrition Bites are a good fit for your needs.

Take a 5-minute Nutrition Assessment
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