Make your me-time more impactful with better-for-you treats, routines

Are you looking for new ways to feel better during your day? Sometimes we want to make changes to our routines, but we don’t know what to change. And it can be the smallest changes or additions to our days that make such a big impact on our mood, energy, and outlook. The treats listed down below are ones that I personally love and hope you enjoy as well.

Nutrition and treats for menopause

The routines listed have brought me tranquility, and that’s why I want to share them with you. I’m here to give you some “good for you” snacks and new practices to make your daily routine more about you.

Better-for-you treats

These are some yummy and wholesome recipes that you can use for snacks or dessert! Feel free to substitute, omit, or add any ingredients to these recipes to make them more to your liking.

New Self-Care Routines

These are great mindful practices that can add more calm in your day. The routines listed add up to 45-60 minutes that span across the day. If this is too much or too little time for you, you can always tailor each practice to your time capacity.

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