Shortcuts for self care

With so much pressure to always add more to our health and wellness routine, use these simple shortcuts to preserve your time and your sanity.

Nutrition and habits in menopause

A long list of “must-do” self care practices can become a source of stress

Our modern culture of constant self improvement can be a source of inspiration and motivation. Yet, the pressure to constantly be engaging in some type of self care ritual can be daunting.

The message we tend to hear is that there’s always some self improvement goal to strive towards. So we add extra steps to our face washing routine. Buy yet another set of pills and powders to add to our supplement regimen. And give in to the pressure to be continuously decluttering and reorganizing our living spaces. At a certain point, the sheer number of items on our to-do lists makes even the best selfcare aspirations a chore.

When motivation or energy is low, give yourself permission to take a shortcut and cut back on the complicated routines.

These are some of our favorite ways to cut back on the extra tasks

  1. Simplify your morning beauty rituals by choosing multi-purpose products. Instead of investing time to apply multiple products, opt for a tinted moisturizer that delivers some color coverage but also has sunscreen (at least SPF 30) built in. You’ll save precious mental energy and won’t forget to protect your skin.
  2. Take a hard look at your nutrition supplements. If your current routine involves downing multiple pills, find a solution that minimizes the number of individual items you have to take. Check out Shevolve Nutrition M Bites. One bite is all it takes because you can take a personalized assessment and find the right bite that will meet your key nutritional needs. And nothing extra.
  3. Get an extra large water bottle so you don’t have to worry about refilling too often. If staying hydrated is challenging, upgrade your water bottle to a larger container. Yes, you will miss out on the few extra steps to walk over to the water faucet but you’ll ensure your body is getting the fluid it needs.
  4. Put your nightstand to work. Display all the items you might need to sleep better such as your sleeping mask and ear plugs so they are there when you need them. Make the habit of applying lotion stick by putting your favorite moisturizer on your nightstand as well. Apply it right before going to sleep without having to get out of bed or worry that it’ll stain your clothes. Opt for soothing scents like lavender for some night time aromatherapy without the extra effort.
  5. Ditch the all or nothing attitude. A walk around the block and a fresh vegetable side at lunch is still a great way to take care of your body and mind. No need to “start over” tomorrow if you didn’t quite make it to a pilates class or meal prepped for the entire week.
Shevolve Nutrition M Bites nutrition supplements for menopause

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