Behind the scenes: How we chose the nutrients for our M-Bites

We are sharing our thought process behind our convenient, science-backed bites for women in (peri)menopause.
Shevolve Nutrition vitamins for menopause M Bites

With so many nutrition supplement options on the market, we were surprised to see that none of them are actually meeting the needs of women through menopause. Some products we looked at had ingredients that don’t have much science behind them and at best would offer a placebo effect. While other products offered science-backed solutions that call for multiple pills.

We decided to create a nutrition supplement that offers just the right nutrients without having to take multiple pills. Here’s how.


Everything you need, nothing you don't

If you are confused about which nutritional supplements to take and wondering how to keep the supplements pills from accumulating in your medicine cabinet because you can’t bring yourself to take any of them regularly, you are not alone.

Many women we talked to told us that they like the idea of taking nutritional supplements to fill the gaps but hate all the pills. Plus, most women don’t know what to take or not to take, and often are missing important nutrients while taking other nutrients in excess.

We are bombarded with messages about new products to try, many of which make dubious claims not supported by science. And some healthcare professionals are still too eager to recommend additional supplements without taking the time to review the bigger picture and assess what’s in the products you are already taking.

We set out to create a better experience for women and take the guesswork out of nutrition supplements with science-backed, convenient bites that deliver just the right nutrients for women in peri/menopause.

Menopause nutrition supplement in one bite

Just the right nutrients for peri/menopause in one bite

At Shevolve Nutrition, we believe foods come first. This means enjoying a wide variety of whole foods to nourish the body and mind. And tapping into our daily bites for certain nutrients that are notoriously difficult to get enough of from the diet alone.

Our products are dietitian-designed, scientists-researched and MD-approved so you can have a peace of mind when switching from multiple supplement pills to a Shevolve Nutrition bite. For our flagship product, M Bites, we carefully chose science-backed essential nutrients for women in peri/menopause:

  1. Prebiotic fiber - Fiber is an unsung hero of heart and gut health. Prebiotics are a digestive health powerhouse. 
  2. Magnesium - Supports heart, muscle and bones. Magnesium is notoriously hard to get from the diet alone, plus absorption decreases with age. Read more about magnesium here.
  3. Vitamin D - Helps the body to absorb calcium. Fatty fish and fortified milk supply vitamin D, but most women don't get enough. Read more about vitamin D here.
  4. Biotin, B6 and B12 - Support energy metabolism, heart, nervous system health among many other functions. After 50, women are advised to supplement for B12 and the needs for B6 and B12 go up as we age.
  5. Protein - Key macronutrients for balanced nutrition. Protein is key to muscle maintenance.
  6. Vitamin K2 - Research shows that vitamin K2 supplementation improves bone and heart health. Read more about it here.
  7. Healthy fats - Fat from almonds aids absorption of nutrients.

It's time to eliminate the guesswork. We’d love to hear what nutritional issues you are facing so we can continue to create targeted nutrition products for each phase of womanhood.

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